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Transformation Tuesday

⚠️update - today’s scan⚠️


Transformation Tuesday, Congratulations Nathan Yeager!@nate_yeager12

12 week transformation / Persoanl training and Nutrition guidance at CrossFit Restore


Weight: 197 ➡️ 179

Body Fat: 23.3% ➡️ 13%

SMM: 85.54 ➡️ 88.41


I’d never been in fantastic shape, but a ton of super crappy things happened to me at the exact same time when I was 13-14 and as most people tend to, I stress ate and gained lots of weight. The heaviest I’ve ever been was in that photo and I was 28% body fat.

Then I realized that putting on the extra weight affects me mentality very heavily (no pun intended)

I looked in the mirror and wondered if I’d be happier if I was fit and now I very much am.

All it takes to drop weight is a really good diet / food plan, but CrossFit Restore gives me the opportunity to get much stronger, the coaches are full of good tips for working out and form correction, and the community is a blast to workout with.

I’d like to drop a few more body fat percentage, gain more muscle and get a muscle-up, that would be badass.

My advice to someone interested in trying CrossFit Restore would be taking it slow will get you nowhere, diving right into it is going to ensure your results.

Nathan Yeager


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