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Set your goal and hit it with 1:1 coaching that’s built specifically for you.


Personal training is the most effective way to transform your body in the least amount of time. Your personal coach will build you a custom plan and hold you accountable every step of the way.



A private coach that's focused on helping you reach your goals.


Enjoy a personalized workout plan and a lot of accountability in a non-intimidating environment.


Train around injuries, work around your schedule, and never wait for a piece of equipment.


Transform your body, improve your health, and increase your confidence in just 90 days.


My fitness journey by Keith Fradenburg

Back in August 2020, a coworker was kind enough to give me a free pass to Crossfit REstore. I work at a local car dealership, have a high stress job and work a ton of hours. Making time to work out was not a priority for me. I was overweight, depressed and out of shape. I hadn’t worked out in ages, so I thought I would give it a try.

When I arrived at my first CrossFit class, I was pleasantly surprised. The coaching staff were knowledgeable and friendly. They were able to scale my workouts to match my fitness level and were very encouraging. My only goal was not to get hurt. It was really cool to see the other athletes performing at a high level at my daily 5 AM class. It was truly inspiring to see their form and how fit they were. After a few months, I decided to make a change.

In early December I signed up for the Nutrition Start up package. I met with Jason Murray, the owner of CrossFit Restore. I was skeptical and really never had any success with my previous diets or programs. Jason was super helpful and gave me an entire plan and roadmap for success. We took some measurements, photos and he provided me with a comprehensive meal plan that I could follow. If you look at my “before” photos, you can see my sulked posture and sad face. That is really how I felt. Sad, Fat and depressed. I had low expectations to say the least.

My first weigh in was 12/26/2020. I was 199 lbs and 21.3% body fat. As I followed to program, results came gradually. It was a constant struggle holding myself accountable to calories and macros. Jason was instrumental in my success. We held daily check ins and weigh ins. He constantly adjusted my food intake to match my energy and stress levels. I felt that I had a partnership and a teammate to help me reach my goals.

My second weigh in was 01/30/2021. I was 189.6 pounds and 22.1% body fat! I was going to the gym 3-4 times per week and working hard towards my goals. I was upset that I had lost some muscle mass but Jason was right there to help me. He adjusted my protein intake and suggested some additional weight training to stimulate muscle growth. I signed up for a personal training session with Jason so he could teach me what to do. I had been lifting weights for years and I thought I knew what I was doing. After my personal training, I was shocked about how little I knew about fitness. Again Jason was there to put me on the right track.

My third weigh in was 02/27/2021. I was 182.2 pounds and 19.5% body fat. I had found my stride! I was doing well in my workouts and had gotten used to counting calories and macros. The daily coaching given by the Crossfit REStore coaches was amazing! They spent a lot of time working on my form, making sure I did not get injured. I always felt supported and encouraged by the coaches and by my 5am classmates!

My last weigh in was 03/27/2021. I was 177.5 pounds and 17% body fat! You can see the drastic change in my after photos. It was a lot of work and effort but totally worth it. These are the best results I have EVER gotten from any workout or diet program. I felt confident, strong and healthy. I haven’t been in this shape since my early 20’s.

The best part about this whole experience was not the weight loss or the fact that I need a whole new wardrobe. It was the people. Crossfit Restore is full of good people. The coaches and members who show up every day are one big family. It is an environment of encouragement and positivity. I want to personally thank Jason and his team for holding me accountable and believing in me. Another Thank you to my 5AM classmates for helping me through this process. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to Phase 2!


With my sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Keith Fradenburg


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