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Transformation Tuesday

Meet our All star athlete Natalie. She dis One of our Fit for Fall challenges and pushed herself beyond the challenge. She is dedicated to her health and motivates us on the daily. We love you Natalie and we are beyond proud of your strength!


Hi all! Ready to jump start your journey into a healthy lifestyle? Still debating if Fit for Fall is for you? Wondering if you can do it? The answer, simply put is yes, yes and more yes!!

Many of you may already know my journey. I started last years Fit for Fall hoping to participating in a fun group event. However, this soon sparked something so much more meaningful. I discovered myself along the way!

I learned all the keys to eating clean and healthy meals. I don’t refer to it as a diet, as I don’t deprive myself anything. I eat well and I eat often. I found that I could contribute to a team. That I had something to offer no matter how big or small. This was a huge boost of confidence when you come from a place of feeling less than. My peers were so supportive that I started to push myself a little bit harder, dig a little bit deeper, lift a little bit heavier. Soon it became less about doing it for them and more about doing it for me.

I became honest with myself and my choices. I discovered an inner determination to succeed. I had it in me and my results were proving that. My inner dialogue started to change and that is the hardest battle to fight my friends!!

So for those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been there and know your struggles. Come experience positive change, motivate others and yourself. It’s your story to write. Decide you are worth it because you already have a team behind you that knows your are as well. ❤️❤️

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