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This is a transformation we are proud of beyond words can describe. If you read Amanda’s words, maybe you will understand. It’s a huge step and life changing. Mentally and physically stronger!! Way to g Amanda!❤️ #happyhealthyfit #motivation #mentalhealth #physicallystronger #crossfitrestore @crossfit

In February of 2020, unbeknownst to me, my fitness journey would begin. Taking a break from work I decided to go for a walk to get away from my desk. During the walk my fitness watch notified me it sensed I was “exercising” and asked if I would like to track the activity. I thought, “why not go ahead and track it?” and from then on every day I tracked my walks. It started with walking once a day, to every break, to then buying a treadmill and running 3 to 5 miles every single day. In about 4 months I had lost 40 pounds but was still not happy and struggling mentally with my OCD, anxiety, and depression. I became obsessed with getting what I thought was “fit”. I tracked every calorie, ounce of water, and every step. I had a goal to weigh 115lbs (I am 5’6” and my start weight was about 170 lbs) and the scale took over my life. I would weigh myself multiple times per day and I started to punish myself mentally if I didn’t stay on track every single day. I would tell myself you HAVE TO “Hit 10,000+ steps!”, “Maintain a 1,000 calories deficit every day!”, “Get your run in!”. No matter what I did I was still not happy with myself. Luckily for me I have the most amazing sister in the world, Carissa, who helped me to see what I was doing was not healthy. She told me that being strong, both physically and mentally, is so much more important than the scale or being “skinny”. She convinced me to come to a CrossFit class with her and this was the first step in breaking the unhealthy mindset I was in. Going to my first CrossFit class and seeing the variety of people and what they were capable of truly inspired me. In December of 2021 I joined the CrossFit Restore family with my sister by my side every step of the way. Ever since then we have challenged each other and pushed each other to get out of our comfort zones. Together, along with our CrossFit Restore family, we are making it happen and putting in the work. CrossFit Restore has helped me realize what I capable of and showed me how strong I can be. When I am feeling anxious or depressed the gym is the one place I will always show up for myself. I look forward to every class, being with a supportive group of people, and working to be both physically and mentally stronger. The Restore family takes mental health very seriously which is so refreshing. They are always there to support you on your good days and your bad days. This whole experience with CrossFit and the CrossFit Restore gym has changed my life. They have helped me to see that I am strong, and I am capable of so much. I don’t focus on the negatives and now I see every failure as growth. Without failure there is no success. I will say that I never thought I would end up in a CrossFit gym, but I am so glad I did and that it was Restore. At Restore we truly are a family, a community, of people who want nothing more than to be the best versions of themselves and help others to do the same. I am so thankful for Carissa introducing me to Restore! I hope that after someone reads this I can be a Carissa for someone else and help them see that it isn’t about looking a certain way or weighing a certain amount, it is about being happy, healthy, and taking care of yourself. If this is something you are looking to do check our CrossFit Restore, you will not regret it! I know I don’t!

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