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Thank you!

This post is a shout out to our coaches! @teamaddiction @coach_melanietaylor @stephaniehanson @jfon_00


Yesterday Jason went to work at 4:45am. Came home for lunch and went back in the evening. He was home at 8:30pm. I call this the normal “Event schedule”

It made me think of our coaches. We see you and appreciate everything you do…

You are running classes, keeping up the gym, taking care of a team, coordinating workouts, motivating athletes when they are down, personal training, judging workouts, keeping scores…. all while staying positive and having FUN! Thank you for being you, thank you for keeping us safe!


Side note to our Fi for Fall participants. It’s week 2, let’s have fun and keep our eye on the prize. our teams were built to keep us motivated, keep us accountable and to keep us having fun… but the winner is an individual 😉

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