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Fit for Fall results

What a fun night! I wish I would have taken more photos. By far the most food and best turnout we’ve had. Thank you guys!

We are so thankful for our Restore Family 💚And proud of everyone’s results and participation in Fit for Fall!




1st place - Purple

2nd place Red

3rd place Blue


Lowest Body Fat %

Male: Evan 4.2%

Female: Alicia 14.4%


Most body Fat Mass loss

Male: Bradley 28.3 lbs

Female: Kelly 13.62 lbs


Most Muscle gained

Male: Ben 5.51 lbs

Female: Carissa 3.31 lbs


Spirit Award - with an almost perfect score 29/30 points of participation and most creative costumes… Rob M.!



And the grand Prizes, Fit for Fall winners…. $400 cash prize!

Male: 1st place - Bradley, lost 28 lbs of body fat mass, gained 5.5 muscle mass, and dropped 10% body fat!!!

Female: 1st place - Carissa, lost 9lbs of body fat mass, gained 3.3 lbs of muscle and dropped 5% body fat!!!

Male: 2nd place - Rob M. 3rd place - Gary. 4th place - Ben H.

Female: 2nd place - Juliana. 3rd place - Sofia. 4th place - Kelly.


A big shout out and THANK YOU to all of our sponsors: @nutrishoproseville @radiusclinic @nurturingtouchcmt @chirofitroseville @restore_rosevillefountains @_felipe_90_ @beauty_with_rachel_mamaof3, Justin P DJ service, skin code clinic, Keith-Niello, @fitaid

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