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Signing up for a class:

Attn team! We are very excited to welcome so many new members as well as our very own members who have returned to the gym again. Due to this increase in bodies as well as the limited class times, we have decided to make some changes to the sign up system. Effect today, everyone will have a chance to sign up for a class of their choice 48 hours in advance instead of a month ahead of time. This will help improve attendance at each class. There have been too many no shows and last minute cancellations from people signing up weeks in advance which isn’t fair to others on the team who would have came to that class. If you signed up for classes already please be sure to re schedule yourself the day before that class begins. Thank you everyone for making these adjustments with us in this crazy time we are in!

Special notes!!!

-Class sizes will remain 8 people In the gym. We will need to limit one athlete per square. (No more shared squares.)

-we ordered some extra equipment to accommodate athletes who have needed to share.

Please txt me, Jason, with any questions 9166226405

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