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Saturday Barbell class

Reminder to sign up for our Barbell Fundamental class at


This 8 week course is free to you so long as I have more than 4 attendees each week. I designed this course to launch with our 8 week oly cycle that we just stated. This Saturday class will be dedicated to those wanting to get better and learn how to move through the snatch and clean & jerk efficiently and safely. This course is for all abilities and experience levels.

Non member/trial member Drop ins! $20 per class. please invite a friend! All funds are going to improving our equipment.

Saturdays barbell class workout has been posted to sugarwod so you can prepare yourself.

1) bring phone to video

2) if you have lifters or wod shoes bring them

3) prepare to partner into like Abled groups to learn lifts most effectively

4) if u need wrist wraps bring them

5) if you need athletic tape for thumbs bring it.

6) be ready to drill your abilities and weaknesses, be positive and coachable and let’s have fun!!!

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