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Open Celebration

2022 Open ✅ We are proud of all of our participants!! A BIG THANK YOU all of our sponsors and DJ Justin for making our Friday Night Lights a blast! @nutrishoproseville @radiusclinic @chirofitroseville @nurturingtouchcmt @mercedes_lynn_92 @nora457 @beauty_with_rachel_mamaof3 @skincode_clinic @rhw_rosevillefountains


Scaled Male

1st place - Matt B. @mattybettencourt

2nd place - Joseph @joseph_maldonado_sanchez

3rd place - Axel @axeljamesahrens


Scaled Female

1st place - Sam @samabama37

2nd place - Amanda @amanda_lance

3rd place - Martinez @aliciamartinez4867


Rx Male

1st place - Keith R. @keithritter_

2nd place - Marcus @marcus_david1

3rd place - Nick H. @nickhollinden


Rx Female

1st place - Vanessa @vaniegrace

2nd place - Natalie @nurse.nattie

3rd place - Carissa @rissasaurusss

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