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Ladies Bunco

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

$5 buy in.

Venmo, @Deandra-Murray

I will send the winnings through Venmo.

The person who has the Bunco box, please return to the gym before Friday, so I can sanitize all items.

Bring your own:

- chair

- TV tray

- drinks & snacks

I do have my kitchen table with 2 chairs available, if you are comfortable enough to not bring your own.

(Alissa and myself will be sitting at the table)

My kitchen island can hold 4 people as well.

Elvis Gnome will need to be returned by Friday for sanitation as well.

HOLY COVID - so many weird adjustments. Just want to make sure we have a great time while feeling safe and comfortable.

How the game will be played:

You will have a team of 4 and will not move your table or chairs. You will just switch partners within the group of 4.

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