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Athlete of the month

Meet our athlete of the Month, Miss Kelly!

Kelly has been with us for 3 years and we couldn’t imagine our box without her.

Thank you Kelly, for being a part of this community and for being such a motivating person.

Your presence is an immediate smile on our face.

We’re so proud of all your accomplishments and grateful to be a part of your fitness journey.

Here are some questions we asked her:

Why do you CrossFit?

For my health and mental health.

Why did you start?

I was severely overweight and unable to move without pain in my joints. I needed to take action regarding my health as it had gotten to the point where at times I wouldn’t be able to get out of a chair or bed without help. My depression and anxiety was getting worse and so my best friend and I decided to purchase the trial to Restore. I fell in love! Not exactly with the exercise at first but with the community and a feeling of safety and support I’ve never felt before. I knew after my first encounter with Jason this was where I needed to be. I knew I would find success here. And I have! As well as my love for exercise again.

Why do you like CrossFit Restore?

The community! You CANNOT beat the support of the Restore Owners, Coaches, and Athletes. You are never alone in ANY struggle or success. Fitness related or not.

What’s your favorite CF movement?

Bench Press, Kettlebell Swings, Air Bike.

What’s your least favorite movement?

Squats (all the squats lol)

And what is your best memory with CrossFit Restore?

It would have to be Friday Night Lights and witnessing so many PRs!! The amount of love and support just fills the gym and it is one of the best feelings and things to be a part of and witness 😍

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