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Join us for our 5 week fitness challenge.

October 8th - November 12th

New Member Entry 

5 week membership + Entry fee

Current Restore Member  Entry

* You have an active membership with us.

Your first steps:

  • You will purchase an entry Fee and be assigned to a coach. Your coach will contact you by the week of October 1sh - 7th. Your coach is you person of contact throughout this challenge. 

    • New members will need to download SugarWod app and add CrossFit Restore as your gym. a code will be given to you on your registration confirmation.​

  • Your first step is to do your Body Scan at NutriShop Roseville, October 5th - 9th.

    • Download "Fit Manager" app. Nutrishop Roseville will help you enter an access code. This app calculates your progress and points for us.

  • Nutrition guidance:
    •  NutriShop Roseville will have appointment availability for our Fit for Fall participants the first week of the event. You will need to make an appointment and they will go over your nutrition plan. 
    • If you would like to take your nutrition to the next level you may contact/set up an appointment with one of our coaches for a nutrition consultation or membership. Book an appointment here

How to Play

You will accumulate points through out the week for our weekly raffles. Grand prize winner will be one male and one female with the best body scans. 

  1. Each week you can earn up to 5 points = 5 raffle tickets

    • 3 workouts - all workouts MUST be entered into surgarwod. You may workout as much as you would like, but only 3 workouts at max will be accounted for the weekly raffle.

    • 1 spirit dress up day. Dress up in the spirit of the week and post it to your social media - tag us @crossfitrestore #restorefit4fall

    • 1 team challenge - There will be a weekly teamwod. You will be competing with the other teams for the soponsor of the week prize. Your coach will help you organize this task.

  2. The team that wins the Team wod of the week, will be entered into a raffle drawing. Prizes will be provided by our sponsors. Each week will highlight a sponsor. 

  3. GRAND PRIZE: After 5 weeks, we will calculate the difference in your first scan and your final scan for the grand prize winners. 1 female and 1 male will win a the cash prize.

    • ​Calculation will be based off of your body fat percentage lost, your body fat mass lost and your muscle mass gained.

Sponsors TBA

Body Scan dates

Scan 1

Thursday - Monday

October 5th-9th

Scan 2

Friday - Monday

October 27th-29th

Scan 3

Friday - Monday

November 9th-12th

NutriShop Roseville

Body scans will be held at NutriShop Roseville

10341 Fairway Dr #120,

Roseville, CA 95678

Spirit Week





sci-fi theme



 villain movie/cartoon 



halloween costume



sports theme

Each week Dress up in the spirit of the week

Snap a photo at the gym in your costume

post it to your social media




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