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Welcome Fit For Fall Participants!

About the Event:


Current CrossFit Restore members (active memberships) entry Fee is $35.
New member entry Fee is $250. This includes a 6 week membership.

This is an individual competition, powered by teams.
Which means that the Cash Grand prize winners will be one Female athlete and one Male athlete.

How to Play:

  • You will purchase your entry Fee and be entered into a Team (Red, Blue and Purple). Your coach will contact you by Sunday October 10th.

  • Your first step is to do your Body Scan at NutriShop Roseville, October 8th-15th.

    • Download "Fit Manager" app. Nutrishop Roseville will help you enter an access code. This app calculates your progress and points for us.

    • NutriShop Roseville has appointment availability for our Fit for Fall participants this week. Make an appointment and they will go over your nutrition plan. Jason has also put together some starter packages 20% off "Muscle Building stack" / "Weight Management stack."

  • Overall Points Earned:

    • 1 point per body fat percentage loss

    • 1 point per body fat mass loss

    • 1 point per muscle gained

    • 1 point each week for participating in Spirit week 

    • 1 point each week for participating in your teams weekly challenge

    • and up to 3 points a week for coming to a class and doing a WOD (please make sure to post your workout scores on our SugarWod app. If you did not log your score, you do not get a point.)


*** You can easily earn 30 points just on participation. ***


This Year we have new additional award categories 

Male and Female Lowest Body Fat percent

Male and Female Most Body fat mass loss

Male and Female Most Muscle gained

Fit for Fall Spirit Award

Why Teams?

We find more success in our fitness challenges, when you are held accountable by teammates. And it's just fun!

  • Teams will be competing in weekly challenges and weekly prizes will be awarded through our sponsors.

  • Team challenges are accumulated for the Best Fit for Fall Team (Bragging rights and a trophy will be awarded).

  • Although we accumulate the challenges for an overall Team, we clean the slate each week so a new team may have a chance to win the weekly prize.

    • The team that wins the weekly challenge will have a random drawing. The more participation points earned, the higher chance you have to win.

    • Participation points = 5 possible points per week. As stated above.
      (1 point for participating in spirit of the week. up to 3 points for daily workouts. 1 point for participating in your team challenge)


Sponsors include: NutriShop Roseville, ChiroFit Roseville, Nurturing Touch Massage, Radius Physical Therapy, Restore Hyper Wellness, Felipe Velchez Photography, Beauty with Rachel, Nielo, Sounds to Go DJ, Skin Code Clinic.




Kaitlin, Axel, Victoria, Justin P., Marcus, Alissa, Monica, Natasha, Krista, Tara, Juliana, Sarah, Brian, Deandra, Kelly, Jenine, Dan, Rob M.



Michal, Brandon, Vanessa, Brie, Natalie F., Dawn, Rob S., Gary, Rachel, Austin, Sofia, Brittany, Bradley, Greg, Jenny, Justin F., Samantha F., Evan



Matt, Rikilee, Debbie, Natalie B., Ben, Mindy, Chad, Nick, Meredith, Keith, Alicia, Julie, Nicole, Ashlee, Jared, Carissa, Josh, David, Cara, Averi


NutriShop Roseville

Body scans and Nutrition planning 

Will be held at NutriShop Roseville

10341 Fairway Dr #120,

Roseville, CA 95678

Spirit of the week

Dress up Monday - Sunday

Snap a photo at the gym in your costume

post it to your social media