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Registration is $25 for

Restore members and

$45 for non-members.

 This includes a participation or 1st-3rd place Super Total medallion. This medal is piece of the "Restore 4" puzzle.

Members use code: MEMBER22 when you check out.


cfre lift off

August 15th - August 21st.

Athletes will have one week to complete their total. Once an athlete decides to start their total they must lift in the following order:

Olympic lifts include:

#1 Snatch (from the ground)

#2 Clean (from the ground)

#3 Jerk (from the rack)


Power lifts include:

#4 Back Squat

#5 Bench press

#6 Deadlift

Athletes must complete all lifts within two consecutive days of starting. Example: if athlete maxes out their snatch and clean and jerk on Saturday, they must complete their power lifts by the end of open gym Sunday, or they will only get credit for the lifts they have completed.

* 3 attempts on each lift. A score card will be provided for your written attempts 

* all lifts may be preformed on the same day or within the 2 consecutive days.

* you must video record your lift.

* all lifts must be completed at CrossFit Restore.

* you may practice as much as needed, but you need to call your attempt and start time with a coach.

* lifts may not disrupt a class. Please make sure to talk to your coach before class begins and decide if there is room for you inside or in the backyard.

* Saturday August 20th and Sunday August 21st will be open for our Event only (No open gym class) 

----- Saturday August 20th, 9am - 11am: Olympic lift day

----- Sunday August 21st, 9am - 11am: Power lift day


Main category podium & medal recognition:

Super Total 1st-3rd place (Male & Female)

Super Total, First place Male and First place Female

will win a custom weight lifting belt.

Sub category medal recognition:

Strongest Olympic lifts, 1st place 

& Strongest Power lifts, 1st place.

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CFRE Lift Off, Snatch
CFRE Lift Off, Bench press
CFRE Lift Off, Back squat
CFRE Lift Off, Deadlift
CFRE Lift Off, Jerk
CFRE Lift Off, Clean


We will be raffling a custom weight lifting belt. $1 per ticket or $20 for 25 tickets. venmo or cash only.