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Attention CrossFit Restore Gym members: Help us EXPAND our facility. 

After 12 long years, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! We are excited to announce our facility expansion plans and we need YOUR help to make it a reality.

As valued members of our of our CrossFit community, your support is vital in helping us create a bigger and better space for everyone to thrive. We are reaching out to you with enthusiasm and gratitude, knowing that together we can achieve great things!

To kickstart our fundraising efforts, we have planned a series of fun-filled events that will bring our community closer while contributing to our expansion fund:


Thank you for joining us in the exciting endeavor of expanding our CrossFit Restore gym! We appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and skills to make our new space a reality. Please sign up for the projects you are interested in assisting with. We will provide music, materials, food and drinks to keep the energy high as we work together. 

Sign up to volunteer on our member app / schedule. Starting Saturday, July 1st at 8am.

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