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Transformation Tuesday

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Transformation Tuesday:

Way to go Chad!! 🎉


Chad’s journey started a year ago, with daily workouts at CrossFit Restore. In January of this year he began a 12 week transformation that included daily workouts, personal training and nutritional guidance.


I was always a skinny kid growing up. When you’re a boy, being called “skinny” is never a compliment. I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted and never put on a pound. The problem I always had was that I wanted to put on muscle but never knew how to do it properly or consistently. When I joined Crossfit Restore in January, 2020, I was in the worst shape I’ve ever been in. I think my muscles actually atrophied to the point where I didn’t think I would see a muscle again. In fact, when I joined the gym last year I felt like I looked 8 months pregnant with a couple of Twinkies and a few bottles of wine inside my belly! That’s where Jason Murray and Crossfit Restore came in.

My goal during my first year was just to prove that I could stay consistently working out, even if I had to stay away for an extended period of time. I’m a cop and usually have several deployments each year to fires, riots, and other emergency incidents that prevent me from staying consistent with my workout and healthy eating habits. I just wanted to prove to myself that I would get right back into working out after one of my deployments. In the past, if I stayed away from the gym for any extended period of time it was always difficult to pick the ha it up again. It was much easier to sit on my couch and watch movies. What made it easier to get back into the habit of working out consistently is that there was/is always a scheduled workout each day so I could easily slide back into a class right after a deployment.

After attending for one year I knew I was ready for the next step in my progress towards getting fit. That’s when I contacted coach Jason this January and asked him to put me on a program to help me bulk up. Through Jason’s encouragement and mentoring on what to eat and how to properly lift weights he put me through a 12 week bulking up program designed to gain muscle and strength. I found that I was weekly increasing my muscle size and how much I could lift.

After 12 weeks I am way more happy, healthy, and fit.

Now that I’m done with the bulk up challenge I’m entering the cut phase for the next 9 weeks to try to shed the fat I’ve accumulated since I hit middle age. It ain’t as easy to shed stubborn fat at my age compared to when I was younger.

If you want to be happy, healthy, and fit Crossfit Restore is the gym for you!


Visit our website and start your journey today

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