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⚠️Nutrition Challenge⚠️

Warning! The delivery of this pizza may be offensive! Lol now that we have your attention let’s talk nutrition challenge!!!

CrossFit Restore will be entering in the Nutrishop Roseville weigh loss challenge to win it! We will be putting together 3+ teams to take on all who throw their hat into the ring.

There will be three nutrition coaches dedicated to your success during this challenge. Coach Stephanie Hanson, coach Melanie and Coach Jason Murray.

How do teams work? Sign ups will be all next week to join the challenge. Once you sign up you will be assign to a team. Each team will score points based on their progress throughout the challenge.

How are points awarded? Each weigh in ranks you according to your current/overall progress. Where 1st place is 1 Pt and 20th place is 20 points. The team with the LOWEST total points at the end of the challenge wins.

What about the Nutrishop challenge individual prizes? Our goal is to flood the leader board with CrossFit restore winners! I want the world to know how hard we work and to be know as the place to be win it comes to nutritional health and physical fitness! If we succeed the prizes are up to $1000 for first place!

The challenge is 9 weeks long, three weeks shorter than my normal transformations. Your fellow athletes that have completed my 12 week transformation have total 20-34points! The average winner of the Nutrishop challenge usually gets around mid 20’s. I believe as a team you will have fun and stay committed while keeping your eye on the prize/s

Will there be team prizes throughout the challenge ? Yes! We are gathering our sponsors as we speak to keep you all motivated with goodies along the way. Team challenges will be announced once a we have a head count.

How much does it cost to play!? The challenge is $25 to join at Nutrishop to win the $1000 grand prize. To join our team challenge it’s $99 for the full 9 weeks of nutrition coaching and accountability.

How can having a nutrition coach help me win a weight loss challenge? Accountability!!!! Your coach will keep you successful throughout the entire challenge. They will set your macros and calories as your body changes. They assist you in meal preparation and how to use tools like MyFitnessPal and sugarwod. They know exactly when you need to push yourself in the gym and outside of the gym. They will keep you safe and limit your chances of injury.

Will this challenge interfere with our Fit For Fall challenge in October ? No, as a matter of fact it’s a great way to prepare yourself for our F4F challenge in October. You will have all the knowledge and resources to be successful when our biggest challenge of the year comes along. Plus you will be even more in shape going into it.

We are half way through the year and this is your chance to really kick it up a notch and accomplish your nutrition, physique and fitness goals. Join the fun and sign up this week!

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