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Restore Opens 2021

March 11, 2021




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Our gym always participates in the opens.  Fridays-Sundays we all do the Open wod of the week.

This year Opens is 3 weeks long. Our In-house Opens will be participating in the 3 weeks and have the top 10 athletes participate in the Finals, April 9th. Top 3 females and top 3 males will be crowned the "Open's Fittest" and receive grand prizes.


The In-house Competition is not just for the fittest. It's fun for all. We want to see you push yourself and reach goals. Personal records and triumphs in the workout itself is one of the best part of the open season. 


We will have weekly participation raffles and host "Friday night Lights" - Friday evening our gym will set up for 4-8 people at a time (depending on the workout) We will have an area for your friends and family to watch and cheer you on.

What are the OPEN's

This year the Open is comprised of three workouts over three weeks.

It starts with 21.1

Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear.

The workouts will be released every Thursday at 5pm during the three weeks of the Open. We watch a live announcement of the workout at our gym.

" From Berlin to Buenos Aires. Boston to Bangkok. Athletes compete against each other. And against themselves to put up their best scores in a series of shared workouts over a Three-week period. Challenges, Triumphs, Personal Records, and the chance of making the next round awaits.

It doesn't matter if you're 14, 40 or 64. Just starting out or a muscle-up pro. And adaptive athletes are here to win. Compare your results by division, location, gym or group.

Maybe it's to live healthier lives. Maybe it's to lift your kids or stay healthy for your family. Maybe it's just to prove we can do more that we ever believed possible. Whatever it is, this is the time to show the world your unique why with #thisiswhy " -


Register with us 

This qualifies you for the chance to win weekly raffles, participate in Friday Night lights, chances to win grand prizes and get your score for our region and gym.

Shirts and Tanks can be purchased separately.

March 11th - April 9th

Join us on Thursday evenings at 5pm for the Open workout release. Do your open workout on Friday, Saturday or Sundays. Fridays evenings we will host Friday Night Lights, Where you will be do the workouts in groups of 4-8 athletes depending on the Open workout. Friday's schedule will be posted on Thursday nights. Make sure to sign up for your spot.



After 3 weeks of competing in the Open WODs. We will calculate the scores in-House. The top 5 female and top 5 male athletes will compete in the Finals.

Finals will be held April 9th.

Top athletes will be doing the "CrossFit Semi-Final WOD". Top 3 females and top 3 males will receive the grand prize and be crowned "Open's Fittest".



  • Thursday March 11,  5:00 pm - 21.1 WOD Release

  • Friday March 12,  4:00 pm - 21.1 Friday Night Lights

  • Thursday March 18,  5:00 pm - 21.2 WOD Release

  • Friday March 19, 4:00 pm - 21.2 Friday Night Lights

  • Thursday March 25,  5:00 pm - 21.3 WOD Release

  • Friday March 26,  4:00 pm - 21.3 Friday Night Lights

  • Friday April 9, 4:00 pm  - Finals



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