Owner / Head Coach

CF Level 1 Trainer, CF Level 2, CF Olympic Trainer


Coach Murray lives to inspire people! Jason was born in a fitness world. He competed in wrestling as a young adult and has thrived to train fellow friends and family. Working at a stand still job for 10 years, he decided it was time to work on a Fitness Regimen. He began researching Tabata, when he stumbled upon CrossFit in 2010. On October 3rd 2010, Jason went through a life threatening experience, involving rip tides in Bodega Bay.


By October 26th he turned his love for fitness into a career and became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He started off in an apartment complex, shared garage. Where workouts were incorporating not only the safety of Athletes, but also the safety of his neighbor's car! Today he is finally a proud Coach with a box to call "HOME" - CrossFit RESTORE.

Co-Owner, Adminstrator


I am Mrs. Murray. I have had the privilege to work along side my husband. I was an Esthetician when Jason started our CrossFit life in 2010. Within a couple of years after juggling a full time job and managing the gym, I was able to dedicate my time solely to CrossFit Restore. I have been blessed with a job that I love, a community like no other, with a husband who is passionate about helping others, with a five year-old daughter named Camille and a 3 year-old daughter named Mia.



CF Level 1 Trainer

Stephanie Hanson

Stephanie has always had a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Early in her career she was a golf professional and a Member of the LPGA. She coached all types of players from young to old, and helped each one uniquely to reach their goals. She left this career to be a full-time mom to her 3 kids in 2011. After moving to Tampa in 2015, not knowing anyone in the city she joined a CrossFit gym and fell in love with the community, along with the accountability, mental challenges, and competition. In addition to attaining her Level 1 certification, she is also a certified CrossFit Kids Trainer. Coach Stephanie fell in love with our amazing community at CrossFit Restore when she moved here in August of 2019 and officially became a Coach in December.



CF Level 1 Trainer

Melanie Taylor

Coach Melanie loves all things Crossfit. Coach Melanie is here to help you achieve your personal goals! Melanie danced as a young adult and ran track. She works a full time job and is the mother to only one child, but still makes time for her fit fam. In 2018 after two years of doing and loving Crossfit she became L-1 Certified. However this is just the beginning for Melanie who plans to continue her Crossfit education. 

See What Others Are Saying


Best place to get a good work out in!! I get the best work out coming here, better than going to the gym. Jason is amazing and the other athletes are super motivating. I feel stronger just walking through the door! I don't think you will find a better place!

Nicole Brown

CFR changed our lives in so many ways! As a new couple to California, we were looking to switch up our normal work out routine and meet like minded people. We were new to CrossFit and slightly intimidated but since, have never looked back. CFR is so welcoming, you can scale anything to your abilities, and Jason and the other coaches as CFR are incredible, patient, and make sure you are safe. We have met some of our very best friends at this gym. Everyone is so encouraging, and cheers you on when hitting new PR's - it truly is a family. 

I couldn't recommend it more, we have gained so much more than we ever imagined. Give it a try and I promise you will fall in love like we did!!

Abby Morle

Crossfit Restore is everything you want out of a gym with the unique touch of a wonderful Crossfit community. Coming into the gym as a beginner I felt unintimidated by the workout. I can trust that Jason, the lead trainer, will have the best recommendations to keep me feeling challenged but safely moving through the workout for full success. The growth I have experienced within this gym both mentally and physically is unlike any other accomplishment I've had before. This box is the cream of the crop. Jason's coaching is top of the line.

Joei Conwell-Johnson


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