As some local CrossFit boxes are preparing to reopen — with the guidance of federal, state, and local governments — we are focused on ensuring you have a safe environment for working out. To make sure you feel confident about returning to CrossFit Restore, we have developed a detailed set of standards and procedures .

CrossFit Restore Guidelines:

  • We will require all trainers to wear masks and regularly wash their hands while working in the gym; trainers will be required to stay home if they are ill

  • Following all applicable federal, state, and local guidelines

  • Limiting our class sizes to 6-10 people

  • Tapping off individual workout stations, with your own equipment. This will allow for proper social distancing.

  • Requesting that you book your workout time to secure your spot 

  • Encouraging members to leave all belongings in their car 

  • Spraying and wiping down all frequently touched surfaces (including doorknobs, countertops, bathroom fixtures, etc.) with sanitizing solutions every hour

  • Sanitizing all smaller gym equipment (such as jump ropes or dumbbells) after each use 

  • Maintaining recommended distancing while demonstrating the workout and eliminating high fives, fist bumps, etc.

  • Mopping the floor mats and cleaning the entire box

Additionally, for the safety of themselves and others, there are some guidelines that we are requesting our members follow in order to help us maintain a safe environment for working out.

  • Follow all CDC guidelines regarding personal hygiene and stay home if you are feeling ill in any capacity, or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19

  • Leave as many belongings as possible in your car 

  • Enter and exit the club quickly without standing around – we will signal you when it’s time to enter and assign you to a station as you come in

  • Stay within the marked areas, as this helps you maintain the recommended distance from other members who are working out

  • Leave all family members who are not working out at home 

With these new standards in place, we feel confident that our clubs will be able to provide a safe environment for working out. We want to thank our community for their continued support while our gym has been closed and for participating in the at-home workouts provided to continue getting stronger, mentally and physically, during this time. Your support is deeply appreciated. 


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